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EDE 563, Teachers as Leaders - will be taught this summer by Dr. Connie DiLucchio. If you would like to take this course, please contact Dr. DiLucchio cdilucchio@wcupa.edu or 610.436.3323 for details.

EEE504 21st Century Educator Externship - WILL be offered this summer.  Please contact Dr. Penny - cpenny@wcupa.edu or 610.738.0531.

February 19, 2013 – Hebei Students Visit 3E Institute 


Students and teachers from the Hebei International High School in China visited WCU to learn about an American university.  Patric Parris, their American host, arranged a visit to the 3E Institute.   Patric is a 3E Ambassador, who teaches at PA Leadership Charter School.  

November 5, 2012 – “Mifras” and 3E Institute Look forward to Collaboration  

The 3E Institute hosts a visit by Israel guests Yael Ne’eman and Bat Chen Weinheber

Unstoppable! Not even a hurricane trouncing the East Coast stopped Yael Ne’eman and Bat Chen Weinheber of Israel from flying to New York the first day the airport was re-opened after Hurricane Sandy hit, and then, on November 5, traveling by train to Chester County. They had a meeting at the 3E Institute, where they hoped to learn much about the application of entrepreneurial skills and spirit to education. They were not changing their plans, not even for a major hurricane.

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“Educational Excellence and Entrepreneurship:Two Distinguished Educators


We met innovative education pioneer Dr. Paul Kelley (left) through Dr. Dennis Cheek (right), educator, editor, global consultant and friend of the 3E Institute.   Dr. Kelley is the founder and headmaster of Monkseaton High School in Newcastle, UK, an incubator for applying new learning insights based on solid research to school contexts.   Many of Dr. Kelley’s insights and experiences in innovative, research based learning are presented in his highly acclaimed book, Making Minds, Routledge 2008.  To read more about the highly innovative Monkseaton High School, visit its web site

Monkseaton High School.


Research findings Dr. Kelley has put into practice at Monkseaton include:

• Unconventional testing methods to assess real learning
• Importance of circadian rhythms to learning
• Use of more light to stimulate greater learning
• The critical factor of time – patterns in time and intervals – to learning and remembering
• Optimum age of 7-11 years old for all children to be learning foreign languages

In spring 2010, both Dr. Kelley and Dr. Cheek were given Distinguished Educator 500 awards during the 3E Institute's Business and Educator Leadership Forum at The Union League in Philadelphia.  Dr. Kelley could not be there in person, so this award was presented via Skype technology, a first time for the Educator 500.

Cyber Teaming and Learning In Virtual Worlds 

In 2009, the 3E Institute developed and delivered our Cyber teaming Seminar for Life Science Business Professionals and Educators in the 14 county region that was served by the Delaware Valley Innovation Network (DVIN). During that time we partnered with Burlington County Community College, Community College of Philadelphia, Delaware Valley Industrial Resource Center, Johnson & Johnson, Locus Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Right Management, University Science Center, and State Farm Insurance.

As we promised at the conclusion of that project we continue to develop curriculum and instruction in cyber learning techniques, issues and resources.
Thanks to a WCU Technology Beyond Borders grant, we are able to share with you some practical articles, full of tips and useful resources on Cyber Teaming and Learning in Virtual Worlds researched and written for the 3E Institute by Gingi Wingard, an entrepreneurial educator and instructional technology specialist.

To learn more about using virtual worlds to teach and learn, click on these links and let us know what you think about them:

Cyber Teaming In Virtual Worlds   
Teaching & Learning on WCUPA Island    
Best Practices    





Important things to note:

  • This means that most of the courses of the College of Education's Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurial Education will not be offered in 2013.
  • HOWEVER, EDE 563, Teachers as Leaders, will be taught this summer by Dr. Connie DiLucchio.  If you would like to take this course, please contact Dr. DiLucchio cdilucchio@wcupa.edu or 610.436.3323 for details.
  • Also, EEE504 21st Century Educator Externship WILL be offered this summer.  Please contact Dr. Penny - cpenny@wcupa.edu or 610.738.0531.

Thank you for your interest in the 3E Institute!

In the months ahead, be sure to visit this site or the College of Education pages of the WCU website for further updates.

Congratulations to Brittany Bakeman and Christina Pringle who have earned the distinction of being tied as first-place winners of the Spring 2013 Teacher Educator 500 Award!  Read more...

"This project allowed students in the Life Skills classroom to have a total restaurant experience, through social stories lessons and practice both in the classroom and in the restaurant setting. The success of this project was created, by having a meaningful experience that the students will forever remember."

Brittany Bakemen








Congratulations to the Spring 2013 cohort of Teacher Educator 500 winners for their creative learning projects!  Read more...


3E Institute Project Incubator at Tacony Academy

On November 10, 2012, eleven teachers of Tacony Academy, an APS (American Paradigm Schools) K-12 charter school in Northeast Philadelphia, gathered with their school principal, Mr. Sterling Garris, in their school’s library to complete a 6.5 hour professional Development seminar in Project Management for Educators. The seminar would earn each of them 6.5 Act 48 professional development credits certified by West Chester University’s College of Education. Of course they wanted to learn about project-based learning – managing them in particular- but they were giving up their whole Saturday for this.  “Oh please, let this be good!” they thought secretly.
Watch videos here:  www.youtube.com/watch


West Chester University’s 3E Institute offers cutting edge real world teacher professional development opportunities.  Here are some great links to the real story about the 3E program and the Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurial Education:

Dr. Chris Penny’s Prezi 

To view a Prezi (presentation) from Dr. Penny about his 21st Century Educator Externship, go to this link...


To hear what teachers who took these courses want to tell you about their experiences, click on the podcast icon next to each teacher’s name...

André Clarke
Cedarbrook Middle School
The School District of Cheltenham Township

“For educators who want to think outside the box, this is an incredible experience, like no other graduate program! Fun and interactive!”
John Kim
Conestoga High School, Tredyffrin/Easttown School District
"I developed innovative ideas at the 3E Institute Summer Courses, and I used them immediately in my classroom.”
Jenn Smolenski
Fairhill School
The School District of Philadelphia
“Great opportunities -- talking with other teachers and professionals, and discovering companies that want be involved in education or may fund school projects.”
Stephanie Pallo
Student Teacher
Hillsdale Elementary School
West Chester Area School District
"This program gave me a great opportunity to work on something I am passionate about to help kids to see themselves as citizens of the world."
To hear more teacher’s course experiences, click here. 





Teachers As Learning Project Managers

You may have thought that Project Managers are all engineers, but take a closer look. The Education world is exploding with projects – project based learning, graduation projects, science team challenge competitions – as ways to deliver content that is relevant and imaginative. Projects require problem solving and teaming skills, two competencies stressed in the modern workplace. They also demand a high level of organization and planning on the part of the instructor and a strong sense of restraint in implementation.

Last fall the College of Education’s 3E Institute, originator of the Educator 500 program, compared notes with the Project Management Institute Educational Foundation (PMIEF), the non-profit affiliate of the Project Management Institute (PMI).
The result is a winning collaboration on the development of instructional materials for teaching project management skills.  Project Management Skills for Educators is a new educators’ workshop designed by the 3E Institute and College of Education faculty with input of project management experts from business and the Project Management Institute (PMI).  Click here for the link to PMIEF.

To learn more about this exciting project and to view the initial materials designed for K-12 educators to learn project management skills and applications, visit these links:

1) Full Article      2) Acknowledgements and Use      3) Agenda      
4) Power Point    5) Resource List


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Graduate Certificate


To learn more about the Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurial Education click on our video:   


Educator 500 Videos

Click on the image above to see videos of Educator 500 projects

Audio Showcase

Ashlee Shields
Lynnewood Elementary
Haveford School District
"This project demonstrated a positive and contagious effort to treat each other kindly, while increasing student's self-worth and confidence in a great school community.”  

Andre Clark

John Kim

Jenn Smolenski

Jessica Dunbar - Part 1
Introduction, idea, plan & activities

Jessica Dunbar - Part 2
Assessments, outcomes, reflections and best project moments

Jensin Jose, Christina Rewkowski and Megan Glod-Wetzel - Part 1
Introduction, idea, plan & activities

Jensin Jose, Christina Rewkowski and Megan Glod-Wetzel - Part 2
Assessments, outcomes, reflections and best project moments

Stephanie Pallo

Ashlee Shields
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Jael and Bat Chen had quite a day here – a morning meeting with Dr. Kenneth Witmer, Dean of West Chester University’s College of Education, an honorary luncheon with members of the 3E Advisory Council and representatives of the WCU community, a chance to present their new program for Entrepreneurial School Principals of Israel , Mifras, to a WCU audience, more discussion at the 3E Institute, and a whirlwind tour of the campus by minivan before catching a return train to Manhattan.

Jael Ne’eman is the Executive Director of The Lautman Fund of Israel, which focuses on education and promoting equality between Jews and Arabs in Israel. Dr. Bat Chen Weinheber, the General Manager of the “Mifras” Program, is a leading researcher in the field of interrelationships between educational institutions , not-for –profit organizations and the business sector. “Mifras” is a Hebrew word that refers to sailing, suggestive of how they hope the principals of their program will move their schools forward using more entrepreneurial practices and knowledge.

The 3E Institute, which hosts a focus group of self-identified school principals of our region, looks forward to exploring communication, collaboration and friendship with the “Mifras” program of Israel.

To read about the “Mifras” program... > Click here

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